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estates, wills & trusts

We understand that each family is unique and work with our clients to create an individualized estate plan that best fits their needs and the needs of their families. We strive to provide each client with an estate plan that accomplishes their goals and maximizes the value of their wealth. We work with financial planners, investment advisors, accountants and insurance agents to provide an all-inclusive estate plan. By creating a smart estate plan, our clients can feel at ease knowing that their affairs are in order, no matter the size of your estate.

The attorneys of KaneJeffries, LLP, provide Estate Planning services that include:

Preparation of Wills

Preparation of Trusts:

  • Revocable Trusts

  • Irrevocable Trusts

  • Land Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Charitable Trusts

Advance Medical Directives, also referred to as living wills

Powers of Attorney, both general and specific or limited

Planning for incapacity and special needs

Establishment of limited liability companies and family limited partnerships

Our firm also provides a range of comprehensive Estate and Trust Administration services to help guide families and individuals through the estate administration process. Our Estate Administration services include:

Serving as professional executors and trustees*

Probate of wills and preparation

of probate documents, including:

  • Inventory and accounting
    for the estate

  • Notices to heirs

  • Request for debts and
    demands hearings

  • Show cause orders for claims of creditors against the state

  • Order of distribution

Trust Administration

Assistance with preparation of estate tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns

Probate and fiduciary litigation

* Although fiduciary compensation is dependent on the particular circumstances of each case, the general fee schedule for service as trustee or agent under power of attorney is based on the value of principal under fiduciary control, as follows (unless otherwise agreed):


  •     1.0  % on the first $1.5 million

  •     .75  % on the next $1.5 million

  •     0.5  % over $3 million

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